About Us

OUR MISSION: Keeping Culture Alive

C4 DZYNZ is the brand for the DREAMERS and the DOERS. For YOU. 

For all the dreamers who are visionaries, who see what others don't. 

For those who were called crazy, by the same people who told you to keep your day-job.

 For those who grind at a nine-to-five to put food on the table, that punch out and grind for ANOTHER EIGHT HOURS, to make your vision a reality. 

We are not for those who pontificate, but for those who quietly GET IT DONE. 

For those who grind and patiently wait. 

In 2012 we declared that "we [were] raised by a village, inspired by YOU" and we still are. 

It's 2020 and to you now, we say:

The world will always howl and try to stall. So...

DREAM BIG. Talk small.